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25Feb 1602

Cockroach Labs is the company behind CockroachDB, the cloud-native, distributed SQL database that provides next-level consistency, ultra-resilience, data locality, and massive scale to modern cloud applications. Companies like Comcast, Lush, and Bose are …

27Feb 665


4Feb 1513

The CryptoPunks are 10,000 uniquely generated characters. No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Ethereum blockchain. Originally, they could be claimed for free by anybody with an Ethereum …

8Feb 1748
Virtue | Hair Products with Alpha Keratin

Buy any 2 full sizes and get the 3rd free. Whether you''re hydrating parched strands or protecting hair from heat, you''ve got three chances to discover your newest hair care soulmate. Shop Now. *Discount automatically applied at checkout after three or more full-size items are added to cart. Applies to the least expensive full-size item.

2Feb 1738
Near Space Labs

Near Space Labs provides timely, wide-scale, commercially available imagery with the largest zero-emission balloon fleet in the stratosphere. Dallas Love Field Airport. Dallas, Texas. February, 2021.

12Feb 1244

2021-10-8 · 2- شرح نموذج EPM - معامل التساقطات المطرية H 3- شرح نموذج EPM - معامل الحرارة T 4- شرح نموذج EPM - معامل حماية التربة Xa هذا الموقع لا يخزن أي ملفات للتحميل، لذلك نرجو منكم في حالة وجود أي رابط ينتهك حقوق الملكية الفكرية أن ترسلوا ...

24Feb 541

معامل التحاليل. فروع - فروع. معمل تحاليل. نسبة الخصم : 25% علي جميع التحاليل. معامل البحوث للتحاليل الطبية. معامل التحاليل. المعادي - القاهرة. معمل ميتالاب. نسبة الخصم : 30% علي التحاليل.

8Feb 1546
احصل على نتائج تحاليل معامل ألفا لاب والخط ...

2021-6-30 · بإمكانك الحصول على نتائج معامل ألفا عبر الإنترنت، ونوفر لكم طريقة الحصول على نتائج التحاليل من معامل ألفا إذا كنت لا تمتلك وقت للذهاب ومكانك بعيد عن المعمل، فأصبحت التحاليل بين يديك فأي وقت للاستعلام عنها بكل سهولة ...

2Feb 1440
Larva Labs

Larva Labs. Hi! We''re. Matt and John. We''re creative technologists probably best known for our crypto art projects the CryptoPunks and Autoglyphs.

11Feb 1295
معامل الامين للتحاليل الطبية

We provide many services in the field of medical analysis. We have the ability to withdraw samples and deliver results to and from your location and also provide your test results for free, on our website and we are constantly striving to exceed your expectations and fulfill our …

3Feb 1199

The #1 app for a user friendly "online banking" experience on the XRP ledger. More at XUMM.app. Keep your XRP safe with a XUMM Tangem card. Support Suggestions View at Github. Developer? SDK SDK Tutorial API Docs.

20Feb 1380
معامل ترست – معمل تثق به

تهدف معامل ترست إلى تقديم أرقى الخدمات الطبية للمريض وأدق التحليلات التي تساعد في تشخيص ومتابعة المرض. تعتبر معامل ترست واحدة من أفضل عشرة مختبرات مصنفة على مستوى الدولة وهذا يأتي إلى عدة عوامل أهمها العناية المركزة ...

19Feb 1834
Correlation Coefficient

Now let us proceed to a statistical way of calculating the correlation coefficient. If x & y are the two variables of discussion, then the correlation coefficient can be calculated using the formula. Here, n = Number of values or elements. ∑. sum ∑ x = Sum of 1st values list. ∑. sum ∑ y …

18Feb 1944
Planet | Homepage

2021-10-13 · Planet images the Earth every day, making change visible, accessible, and. actionable. Monitor near-daily change across the Earth, get historical context, and reduce risk with the most recent satellite data available. Understand emerging trends, predict change, and extract competitive insights that drive greater value for your customers and users.

26Feb 1610
Sugar Labs

2021-10-6 · SUGAR. Sugar is an activity-focused, free/libre open-source software learning platform for children. Collaboration, reflection, and discovery are integrated directly into the user interface. Through Sugar''s clarity of design, children and …

5Feb 874

Advisory partners of Urban Movement Labs represent the largest transportation and goods movement agencies in the City of Los Angeles, as well as private sector partners innovating on autonomous, shared, connected, and electric transportation. MoceanLab was launched in 2019 by Hyundai Motor Group to be a mobility laboratory for Los Angeles.

15Feb 1044
Linux Laptops

Welcome to the world of Linux. View our range of Linux laptops, including the Star Lite, Star LabTop, StarBook and more. Available with coreboot Open Source firmware and a choice of Ubuntu, elementary OS, Linux Mint, Manjaro, MX Linux, or Zorin OS pre …

25Feb 1315
THIN AIR LABS | Building What''s Next | Alberta

Thin Air Labs is an ecosystem studio that supports many early-stage ventures and critical ecosystem partners so more ventures can thrive in the innovation ecosystem. We connect founders with Capital, Venture Impact Services and Community Ecosystems to propel and de-risk innovation. LEARN MORE.

24Feb 1400

Depuis plus de 110 ans les Laboratoires Gilbert développent et proposent des solutions naturelles d''automédication pour toute la famille, respectueuses de la physiologie de l''être humain. Leur savoir-faire est reconnu en pharmacie et parapharmacie, dans l''univers du bébé, de la …

17Feb 1154
Low Voltage Labs

2019-3-22 · Low Voltage Labs LLC, a maker of STEM products for Raspberry Pi and soldering kits, has purchased the line of robots from Plum Geek Robotics. Low Voltage Labs owner Eric Thompson will continue to work with Kevin King, the creator of the Plum Geek robots, to ensure the smooth transition of Low Voltage Labs taking over the robotic product line.

13Feb 1695
TRM Labs

TRM Labs Closes Series A Funding Round, Led By Bessemer Venture Partners. Learn More. Company News. June 10, 2021. TRM Featured in Bessemer''s State of the Cloud 2021 Report. TRM Labs is featured as one of the top fintech companies powering compliance and risk management in crypto.

24Feb 533
Wyze | Making Great Technology Accessible | Smart Home …

Wyze offers smart home cameras and devices packed with features at a price that is accessible for all. Wyze Cam includes 1080p full HD video, smart motion and sound alerts, and 14-day free cloud storage at a revolutionary price.